American Security SafesAmerican Security first began in a tiny building in Paramount, California and was founded by a man named Glenn Hall. Glen started with only a welder, lathe and of course most importantly, a passion to build safes. Today, American Security has now been in the safe industry for over 60 years and has grown to be one of the most popular, well-known safe providers. American Security continued the tradition of designing and building high quality products just like founder Glen Hall had hoped. Their product line spans beyond just gun safes and includes other security products like depository safes, cash management safes, wall safes, floor safes, portable targets and more.

American Security, also known as AMSEC, is most well known for their extensive product line that offers over 400 models of safes. But not only are they about quantity but also quality, offering several high quality UL listed models that are backed by a lifetime warranty. Their full-size gun safe line includes 6 different series of safes with over 26 different sized models to choose from. They also offer a large variety of interior configurations that are designed to accommodate anyone from the occasional outdoorsman to the serious gun collector and anywhere in between.


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Unfortunately, picking out a safe is not as simple as choosing the one that you think looks the best. There are several different important features and options to consider when picking out your safe. The last thing you want is to find out a year down the road that you choose the wrong type of safe. Let’s take a quick look at some of the key features that will help guide you in the process of picking out your new safe.

People tend to forget that not only is your safe protecting your goods against burglaries, but also fire. Thankfully, most gun safe manufacturers offer a wide variety of fire protection ratings to keep your valuables safe. American Security provides up to 2hrs of fire protection on their premium models and down to 30 minutes on their entry-level safes and everywhere in between.

American Security provides a huge variety of sizes and capacities. It is extremely important that you choose a model that you can eventually grow into and not eventually grow out of. I find that it is very common for people to choose a size that just fits their current collection and leaves them in tough situation when they start to expanding their collection.

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The quality of construction, materials and security features is what prevents an intruder from breaking into your safe. That may seem like an obvious fact but however, most store bought safe manufactures have low standards to keep prices down to a minimal, which in turn defeats the point of a safe. American Security only uses the highest quality materials and craftsmanship when building their safes. Most of their series are actually UL listed residential security containers.

Another important feature when looking through the different models is lock type choices. Choosing an electronic lock will allow to you access the contents of your safe much quicker than the standard mechanical lock. This is important not only for convenience but for safety in an emergency as well.

If you’re planning on setting your safe anywhere besides a closet or hidden away in the basement, it is important that the safe be aesthetically pleasing. American Security offers several different exterior color and texture options as well as hardware finishes to ensure you get something that matches the color and feel of your home.

Last but not least, a warranty. There are plenty of safe manufacturers that provide great warranties, but most of them fall short of what American Security offers. Their lifetime warranty is completely zero cost. No charge for parts, labor, or even freight costs. This incredible warranty covers things like fire damage, break-in attempts and manufacturers defects. It’s doesn’t get much better than that folks.

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HS Series

American Security HS Series SafeThe USA made HS series is one of the most advanced fire and burglary resistant safes in American Security’s lineup. In fact, this is one of the only safes out there that is U.L. Listed TL-30. If you are truly serious about keeping your items safe and secure even in the worst of conditions, consider the HS series. The HS series includes two different models of safes. The RF model comes in ones size, 72” x 35” x 29.5” which holds any where from 12 to 24 long-guns depending on the interior configuration you choose. The RFX model adds additional security features and comes in two different size options. The largest of the two has a max capacity of 60 long-guns measuring in at 76” x 42” x 29 ¼”. The step down in size measures at 64” x 34” x 29 ¼” and is capable of holding up to 24 long-guns at max capacity.

American Security takes fire protection very seriously and has incorporated several innovative design features that help protect your safes contents even in intense situations like house fires. The HS series provides a generous 2hr fire protection rating at 1850°F by the use of high-density fire resistant composite material that is incased by a solid sheet of steel on both sides. They have also decided to incorporate the popular Palusol heat-expanding seal that will help protect your valuables from smoke and heat damage. When expose to heat, the seal starts to swell and grow to be up to 7 times it’s size creating a seal on all four sides of your safe.

HS series name stands for “High Security” and I really do find that to describe these safes pretty accurately. These safes have a ridiculous 6-inch thick door that contains two sheets of 11-gauge steel as well as a layer of high-density composite material to keep even the most persistent burglar from access your safe. The walls are 3” thick and include a high-density composite material encased in two sheets of steel. The door securely locks to the body through the use of 10 – 1.5” diameter high strength steel bolts that are included on all four sides of your safes door. If you’d like a little more strength, jump up to the HS – RFX series, which has a 3 ½” thick walls with an interlocking inner steel barrier on the sides of your safe. Both models have drill resistant doorframes, proprietary patented hard plate, and an external and internal relocker. You’ll find that the HS series is one of the most secure safes from American Security just under the BF Series.

If you’re like me and want your safe to customized to fit the feel of your home and to be a great centerpiece for a game room or living room, you’re in luck. With 2 different exterior texture types and 11 different colors to choose from, you will surely be able to create something that fits you well. You also have the choice between a standard mechanical lock and an electronic keypad lock for an extremely quick access, which I prefer. In addition to the lock choice, there arie other several great accessories option that come with the HS series.

American Security takes a great lifetime warranty and makes even better by making it zero cost. That means no addition chargers for labor, parts, or even freight. So if your safe suffers from an attempted break-in, fire damage, or manufactures defect, it will cost you nothing out of pocket for the span of your entire life.


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NF Series

American Security NF Series SafeThe NF series is American Securities mid-level safe design and tends to be one of the most popular models they offer. Even though the NF series is part of the “non-USA made” group of safes from AMSEC, it is still painted and assembled here in the USA. So you can definitely still count on the high quality standards that American Security is known for. The NF model features 4 different size and capacity options to fit just about any application. Sizes ranging from the smallest being the NF5924, which measures in at 59” x 24” x 18” and can hold a maximum of 16 guns. The largest of the group is the NF6036, which can hold up to 34 guns and measures at 59” x 36” x 26”. If you’re looking for something a little bigger, I’d jump up to the BF or HS series.

The fire protection rating of the NF series is 90 minutes at 1245°. I generally suggest having an absolute minimum of 60 minutes of fire protection in any scenario so this provides ample protection. Instead of using composite material to resist fire, the NF series uses 4 layers of gypsum board on the top and bottom of the safe, 3 layers in the walls and 3 layers in the door. Also included is a two stage fire seal that protects your valuables from heat and smoke damage by expanding nearly 7 times it’s size completely sealing all four sides of your safe door. Most people will find that this just the right amount of fire protection for the application.

To keep your valuables protected from a break-in, American Security has included a wide array of security features that are uncommon among store bought mid-level safes. The door of the NF series starts with a ¼” steel plate on the exterior of the door backed with three total layers of fire resistant gypsum board. The door secured tightly to the safe by 9 – 1 ½” chrome plated bolts and 5 deadbolts that protect all 4 sides of your safe from being pried open. The body of the safe is made from 11-gauge solid steal to protect all sides of your safe from blunt force. The locking mechanism is a U.L. listed group II lock that incorporates a hard plate and two relocking devices. These great security features have earned the NF series the U.L Residential Security Container burglary classification.

In addition to the great protection the NF series provides, it also offers great standard features and accessories that are often an additional charge on other mid-level safes. Some of these features include a velour interior, built in AC power cord and a premium door organizer that has plenty of space to hold guns and accessories. The safe includes a mechanical lock but is upgradable to an electronic lock for quick access to your safes contents. The exterior of the NF series is customizable and includes your choice of body and hardware colors and textures resulting in tons of awesome color combinations.

All American Security gun safes come with their zero cost to you, lifetime warranty against theft and fire and damage as well as manufactures defects. This means no charge for labor, parts, or freight.


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BF Series

American Security BF Series SafeThe BF series is the largest and most secure gun safe from American Security. This brute is made in the USA and incorporates features that no other series from American Security has. This safe comes in two different models and six different sizes giving you a total of 12 different BF safes to choose from. The sizes range any where from 59.25” x 24” x 21” all the way up to 71.25” x 50” x 28”. This allows you to pick out the perfect size to safe for your particular situation. The interior layout of allows storage for up to 73 guns max capacity on the largest model and 16 guns in the smallest of the series.

The fire protection rating on the BF series is 2 hrs. at 1200°, which is near the highest amount of fire protection that American security offers and should be ample protection for most any situation. The fire protection in the BF series completely eliminates the use of gypsum board and features a poured concrete DryLight material that not only protects against fire damage but also against blunt force. The BF series also incorporates the two dear seals that help protect your valuables from fire and smoke damage. You’ll find that 2 hours of fire protection should be plenty for nearly every situation.

The BF series is classified as a U.L. Residential Security Container and provides ample protection against theft and damage. The door of the BF series includes a ½” plate of solid steel, 1” of DryLight poured concrete and a sheet of 11 gauge steel sandwiching it all together. It also has 11” chrome plated bolts to keep the door closed even in the most brutal prying attempts. The body features 2” thick walls that incorporate an inner and out layer of steel with poured DryLight concrete in between. If you’d like even more security, upgrade to the BF-HD series, which provides even thicker steel for added protection. The locking mechanism features a cam driven ultra smooth handle rotation with a U.L. listed group II lock with hard plate and two relocking devices.

The BF series is also comes with a completely customizable allowing for tons of awesome color combinations and finishes. It also comes standard with AMSEC’s premium door organizer that is capable of holding tons of different accessories, including handguns, clips, ammo, etc. It also comes with an EZ Slant-Out interior for easy to your guns, a mirrored back wall, die-cast polished logos, 5 spoke handle and is upgradeable to a quick access electronic lock.

American Security offers their zero cost lifetime warranty on any of their full-size gun safes. This protects you against manufactures defects, fire and break-in attempts.


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FV Series

American Security FV Series SafeThe FV series from American Security is a great entry-level economically priced safe and includes plenty of security to keep your valuables safe and protected. This is safe is a great option for any looking to get their hands on a high quality American Security safe without breaking the bank. The FV series comes in an array of sizes and capacities, perfect for nearly any situation. The smallest out the 4 sizes measures in at 59” x 30” x 21” and can hold up to 22 guns, while the largest of the group can hold up to 45 guns and measures in at 72” x 40” x 26”. The interior of the FV series comes with a few shelves to store your accessories, ammunition, and valuables.

The fire protection rating on the FV series is what you’d expect from any entry-level safe design and provides 45 minutes of fire protection at 1200°F. This is below my general recommendation of 60 minutes but if stored somewhere like a garage, 45 minutes may suffice. The FV series incorporates the use of 2 layers of gypsum board all the way around the safe as well as a 2 stage fire seal that protects your safes interior from heat and smoke damage. This 2 stage seal includes a Palusol heat expanding seal that expands up to 7 times it’s size completely sealing all four sides of your safe.

To keep your valuables safe and secure, the FV series body is made from 12-gauge solid steel plate to protect your safe from blunt force objects. The door provides an even thicker 3/16” steel plate with 9 massive 1 ¼” chrome plated locking bolts and 5 deadbolts to protect your safe from pry attempts. The locking mechanism incorporates a drill resistant hard plate, external re-locking device, and a slip clutch tri spoke handle to prevent break-ins by over torqueing. Just because this is an entry level safe, does not mean it is not secure.

To keep price to a minimal, the FV series is not quite as customizable as the other series and only comes in a textured black exterior and plush gray fabric interior. However, it does come with a premium door organizer to allow quick access to guns and accessories as well as an ESL5 electronic lock with illuminated keypad. It also comes with an internal AC power port to power things like dehumidifiers, lighting, and security cams.

As with all American Security full-size gun safes, the FV series come with a lifetime warranty that protects you against fire damage, break-ins and break-in attempts, as well as manufacturers defects. This is a zero cost warranty which means you do not pay for any labor, parts, or freight charges. I find this to be one of the best warranties in the industry.


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TF Series

American Security TF Series SafeThe entry level TF series is the smallest of the American Security gun safe line and is designed to be economically priced but still provide a great level of security and protection. I’d recommend this series if you’re looking for a simple affordable design and aren’t storing anything with extreme value. The TF is offered in two different size and capacity options: The TF5517E5 that measures 55.25” x 17.34” x 16” with an 11 gun max capacity and the TF5924E5 that is slightly larger at 59” x 24” x 18” with a 16 gun capacity. If you’re considering going with the TF series, I strongly suggest the TF5924E5 because of the more convenient interior layout that includes more shelving and door storage space.

The TF series offers 30 minutes of fire protection at 1200°F by incorporating 2 layers of gypsum board in the top of the safe, 3 layers behind the hinges and 1 layer surrounding all sides. It also incorporates a 2 stage door seal that protects your goods from heat and smoke damage. Included is the Palusol heat expanding door seal that expands up to 7 times it’s size and creates a barrier around all 4 sides of your safes door. I generally recommend 60 minutes of fire protection when picking out a safe.

The body of the TF series is made from solid 14 gauge steel plate to provide just enough security to prevent intruders from gaining entry to your safe. The safe door is made from 3/16” steel plate with 5 – 1” locking bolts and 3 deadbolts to keep your door securely fastened to your safes body when a prying attempt occurs. The locking mechanism included in the TF series has a quick access electronic keypad combination entry, a drill resistant hard plate and a spring-loaded re-locking device. In addition, it also includes a slip clutch three-point handle that will prevent forced entry from excessive torqueing.

You’ll find that the TF series does not offer any customization unlike the higher end models from American Security. The safe comes in a textured black interior, mocha interior and chrome hardware for an aesthetically pleasing look. It also comes with premium door organizer that is capable of storing multiple handguns and accessories.

The warranty that comes with the TF series is a little different than the warranty offered on the other safe series from American Security. The lifetime warranty on this safe covers only fire and break-in damage and does not cover manufacturers defects. This portion of the warranty is given a 1-year parts and labor warranty.


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Defense Vaults

American Security Defense Vault Safe DoorThe Defense Vault from American Security is a great solution for extremely quick access to your firearm right from your bedside. This is perfect for those of you have a full-sized gun safe already and would like a smaller one or two gun solution that is quickly accessible in the event of an emergency. The DV652’s foam-padded slide-out tray interior measures in at 3 3/8” x 43 ¼” x 13”, which is large enough to hold an averaged sized shotgun and pistol.

Included in the Defense Vault is an easy to use high security electronic lock that allows you to gain access to you safe in just a matter of second. The illuminated electronic keypad also allows for maximum visibility when entering your pin code in the dark. The body is made from floor mountable, high quality 14-gauge steel and includes a 5-point slide locking bar that helps prevent the safe from being pried open by an intruder.


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Bottom Line

American Security seems to be one of the go to manufacturers of gun safes. I believe this is due to their outstanding zero cost lifetime warranty, their high-end USA made safes, great fire protection ratings and their U.L. approved models. Their mid to high level safes also include a wide variety of custom exterior color and texture options.

If you’re considering purchasing a new safe, make sure you spend the time to go over exactly what you need and want in a safe. It is imperative that you choose a safe that has the right capacity, fire protection rating, locking mechanism, warranty and aesthetics that best fit your application. If you would like help determining what you need, check out my article on “What to look for in a safe”.

I find American Securities BF series to be the most popular top selling safe of their product line. This is one of their USA made high quality safe series that sits next to the HS in the product lineup. It comes in a variety of sizes and features the 2-hour fire protection rating, the U.L. Residential Security Container classification and a wide variety of customizable exterior and interior features.