So you started playing airsoft, huh? Or have you been playing for a long time? Well, either way you’re going to need a nice, solid holster to secure your gun while you are walking through the woods or while you are in an airsoft war.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are shopping for a holster. First, you need a holster that is going to keep your gun safe and secure during movement. If you are running through the woods performing a mission for a game, the last you want to see is that your gun has fallen out of the holster and is left behind somewhere. But you don’t want your gun so secure that you can’t quickly retrieve it from its holster. If it’s too difficult to be removed, this could result in you getting hit and losing the game, so you want a holster that is both secure and quick to release.

Another thing to keep in mind is where you want your holster to be located on your body. This comes down to personal preference and game play. Where do you want your pistol during your game? Would a belt holster fit your best or do you want a leg holster? This is just going to be something you’ll have to think about to see which will fit you best.

One last very important thing to remember when buying a holster: make sure it fits your specific gun. Some holsters are made for 911s, others are made for Rugers, some can fit pretty much all of them. Before buying a holster, check to see if it is compatible with your gun.

Here are our recommendations for airsoft pistol holsters:

Crosman Airsoft Pistol Holster

The Crosman Pistol Holster is a classic belt-style holster. It’s simply; it’s rugged; and it is inexpensive. It works by being strapped to your belt and can fitted on up to a 2.5-inch belt. The Crosman Pistol Holster is made up of a polyester material and has a high-density foam lining that is both durable and keeps your pistol from getting scratched during quick removals in combat.

It can hold a 9mm gun as well as many other models, and has a quick-release buckle that snaps in place to easily secure and remove your pistol. This particular holster has a Velcro pouch on the front that can carry up to two additional clips for you gun.

For the price, you really can’t go wrong with this holster. It is a great first holster that is inexpensive but still gets the job done.

UTG Special Ops Universal Leg Holster

The UTG Special Ops Leg Holster is a unique holster that is really tricked out. Its universal design holds most medium to large pistols and comes in a left and right handed draw feature.

For anyone that has used, leg holsters, they can be kind of a pain if they aren’t made correctly. The UTG, however, has a wide leg strap that won’t cause the holster to ride-up when you draw the gun, and it will also stay in place while you are running and not move up and down, side to side, or unravel.

It has a wide degree of adjustability so that it will fit your leg snugly, and it is extremely durable. If you are looking for something a little flashy that will free up some space from your belt, the UTG Special Ops Universal Leg Holster might be right up your ally.

Crosman Airsoft Shoulder Holster

For the shoulder holster, we are again back to Crosman. They make some great equipment at good prices. Shoulder holsters are great for discretely carrying your airsoft gun during a game. They are also great for quick release in close combat where you need to access your gun in a split second and have a bit of storage space.

The Crosman Airsoft Shoulder Holster is an ambidextrous holster, so it will fit right- or left-handed shooters just fine. It has a quick release retention strap for easy on and off and can fit most medium sized handguns. Its extra pouch, which is opposite of the gun can hold up to two extra clips.

One common complaint about shoulder holsters in general is that they aren’t the most comfortable to be on the ground in, so if you find yourself rolling around a lot during game play, you might want to get a leg or belt holster.

Again, like we said earlier, there isn’t necessarily one holster that is always better than another one. What you need is to analyze your game play and decide which holster will suit your needs best.